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where we plantIn regard to areas for planting, Friends of Usambara Society is currently expanding through the Eastern arc mountain ranges stretching from the southern higher lands of Tanzania to Taita hills of Southern Kenya where billion of trees are needed, The Organization is extending planting scope to Eastern Arc Mountains as its well explained details on Eastern Arc Manifesto proposal showing our organization strategy of tree planting expansion. Within our scope Friends of Usambara marked and survey areas of operation to be sure of our next planting strategy. For the time being in both East and west Usambara the area in need for fast rehabilitation ranges from 87,000ha to 90,000ha. Within this needy land an approximation of 100 million to 100.5 million trees will be needed.Education is an important element of FOU’s work. Today’s children are tomorrow’s conservation leaders and this program of Tree planting creates youth development clubs where the students are put into leadership positions. The school tree nurseries serve as onsite science labs where the students can learn about and practice the scientific method by posing questions and answering them through experimentation. Kids learn from their supportive teachers, who integrate the Trees for the 21st Century curriculum into lessons about environmental conservation, botany, and horticulture, and then put the lessons into practice as they have fun growing and planting trees that beautify their school, their homes, and their region. Our Tree Planting projects follows the community participation model and local residents will volunteer in the nurseries and provide other types of in kind support. FOU’s goal is also to educate subsistence farmers about agroforestry so they can increase land productivity. We are educating the entire population about the importance of preserving and expanding the rainforest in the Usambara Mountains and Tanzania at a larger, which is important to help achieve Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals.

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