Day & Half Day Cycling

Go to Moshi By Bike


Mtae: The World Viewpoint (2-5 days)
Cycling through rainforests, traditional villages, and farmland; visit and sleep in a local home; see local pottery being made; watch the sun set from the top of a village; and experience the traditional life of the Shambaa people. This trip includes many opportunities to visit and learn about the development projects supported by our program. Return to Lushoto by bus, bike, or private transport.

Mazumbai Forest Reserve: The Galapagos of Africa (2-4 days)
From Soni or Bumbuli Cycling through tea and coffee plantations to the Mazumbai Forest Reserve, home to numerous birds species and black-and-white Colobus monkeys. Return to Lushoto by private transport.

Magamba, Irente, and Carter’s Viewpoint (2-3 days)
Cycling through local villages and the Magamba rainforest to Irente viewpoint and then the Irente Biodiversity Farm, famous for their locally made organic food products. After staying overnight at the Farm, hike along the ridges of the mountains to Carter’s viewpoint. The next day, return to Lushoto or continue downhill to Mombo.

Lushoto, Rangwi convent to Mlalo viewpoint (2-3 days)
Cycling from Lushoto to the Rangwi Convent for an overnight. Continue with a visit to a village of the Kilindi (the Washambaa ruling clan) and the headquarters of the Shambaa sub-chief to learn about the history of the Usambara chiefdom. This tour can be extended to include a visit to a Shambaa blacksmith at Tewe.

Multi-Day Tour Around Lushoto
Lushoto to Moshi (5 days)
Day 1: Lushoto Mtae, 58.7km
Cycle through the beautiful Usambara forests and traditional villages. Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen on a clear day.

Day 2: Mtae to Ndugu, 52.8km
This is a day of technical riding, famously known as the “flat tire paradise.” Be ready for rocks and thorns. Ride through Maasai villages and overnight at Ndungu.

Day 3: Ndungu to Same, 66.3km
Long day of riding across Mkomazi National Park to Same for an overnight.

Day 4: Same to Mwanga, 52km
Ride on a paved road to Mwanga for an overnight at a local guest house.

Day 5: Mwanga to Moshi, 58.1km
Final day of biking to Moshi. Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen on a clear day.

Lushoto, Soni, Bumbuli to Mazumbai Forest (2-3 days, 110km)
Ride through tea plantations and visit a tea factory on your way to Mazumbai forest. Return to Lushoto via a different route.

Lushoto to Lukozi (2-3 days)
Ride through villages and forests to Mtae. Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen from Mtae on a clear day.

Lushoto to Mombo (2-3 hrs, 32km)
multiday6Ride downhill through the mountains on a paved road to Mombo. A great option for those leaving for other destinations: catch a bus from Mombo while the guides return the bikes to Lushoto.

Lushoto, Mkuzu waterfall, to Gare Mission (5-6 hrs)
Ride through villages to Mkuzu waterfall, then head downhill to Gare Mission. Return to Lushoto on a paved road.

Lushoto, Skyline, Viti, Manolo to Lukozi (7-8 hrs)
Ride through forests and traditional villages to Skyline viewpoint, where you can see the famous cable system for transporting logs down the mountain.

* Additional public or private transport will be required and can be easily and cheaply arranged with your guide.