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Tree Nurserries Project

We Friends of Usambara Society Forest Nurseries are approved suppliers of the  Lushoto District in the Usambara Mountainsts and County Councils, local councils and the forestry commission as supplyers of the seedlings of different kind of tree species. Friends of Usambara has 4 mega tree nursaries stocking over 15 million trees asuring the demand seedlings in the Mountains of  Probably  Stockist/Grower of Native and Ornamental Bare Rooted trees and Hedging. Working with and directly supplying of about three districts  councils of Lushoto, Bumbuli and Korogwe, landscapers,  and landscape architects, individual farmers, schools and colleges and anyone whether wholesale or retail requiring top quality, FoU grown deciduous and evergreen plants.

Helping farms thrive

The livelihoods of Usambara communities are deeply dependent on farming and other land use, which provide both incomes and food (as well as other important resources). 45% Usambara County residents are employed in family agriculture, mostly on small land holdings of 2 acres or less. Fruits for Livelihoods will work with vulnerable families (defined by the project as those with less than 1 acre and either female led or with 6 or more dependants) who are most at risk from poverty and malnutrition. Friends of Usambara Society Tree nursaries is rich in stock of Fruits trees of different kind. Planting fruit and nut trees is a popular way that local farmers can improve the productivity of their land. FoU is streching its activities to Eastern Usambara Mountains and now is helping people of Muheza Districts on the new project of Community project self group and now is providing them with technics as well as supplying them with Fruits trees sampling.Through this project community-based self-help groups, with the help of Friends of Usambara Planting Partners, we are now establishing  four tree nurseries and train participants to graft their own high-quality fruit trees. These can then be sold for a profit or planted to enhance their own farms. The project will focus on four crops (mango, Oranges avocado and macadamia nut) which have high nutritional value and sell for a good price in local markets.

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