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The Usambara has four great tribes(Shambaa,Mbugu,Pare, and Maasai). The Maasai live down the slopes of the Usambaras, near Mombo, and in other places near the Mkomanzi National Park.

Historically, Maasai were semi-nomadic pastoralists who lived in Tanzania and Kenya. Nature and its elements have been and remain central to Maasai religion, even as Maasai lives and livelihoods have changed in response to colonialism, nationalism, development interventions,Christian evangelization, education and other processes.These processes have also exacerbated regional, social, cultural and thus religious variations among and within Maasai sections (large territorial groupings).

Although most Maasai remember and uphold their long-standing history and ideals as semi-nomadic pastoralists by keeping livestock, many now also cultivate small farms, work for wages and pursue other modes of economic diversification.

Their close customary relationship to and dependence on the environment for their sustenance and social reproduction was expressed in many aspects of their religious beliefs and practices including: their concept of their deity (Eng’ai), their sacred symbols and colors, their holy mountains and trees, their attitudes toward wild and domestic animals, and their prayers and praise songs. Although many of their beliefs and practices continue today, this entry is written in the past tense to acknowledge the changing circumstances of their lives.

Friends of Usambara Cultural Tourism Enterprise is offering you a 3 nights 4 days trekking from Lushoto to Maasai village.


Type: Adventure Holiday
Duration: 6 days
Customize: This Adventure Holiday can be customized
Country: Tanzania
Accommodation: Local lodge and rest houses, Camping at Maasai Boma
Activities: Trekking, Maasai Cultural dancing.

DAY 1 (4-5 hrs):
Start trekking from Lushoto toward Magamba nature reserve which is located the south west and facing west of the Usambaras. The trekking is through the villages and agricultural land, pass through the villages of Kwambago down to Irente biodiversity reserve for the Lunch. Down here brown bread cheese and local made products are made by this unique farm. Continuing to Irente view point with superb view over the Maasai plain, get a picture of where you will be overnight in day 3 of the program. Proceed to the ophanage center where you will spend overnight and contributing to the children in needs.

DAY 2 (4-5hr):
After breakfast, continue walking to Miziyagembe Peak, which is well known for balloon rides and hang gliding. At the top of the ridge, Yoghoi village offers superb views and a chance to meet local people. Mix with local along the way while trekking in the villages with giggling children, enjoy incredible cultural experiences while learning about old farming practices in the Samaras. Dinner and overnight at Miziyagembe Caters Rest House.

DAY 3 (5-6hrs):
After breakfast start your trek by mainly descending down to the Mombo Valley with fantastic views.Eat lunch at Mombo town, and then get picked by car in the afternoon and drive 30 minutes to Mlembule Maasai Bomas for overnight at their ground camp site. Learn about the Maasai’s history, listen to their beautiful songs, and you can also participate in their dance.

DAY 4 (Full day):
Walk around Maasai village and learn more about the Maasai,and on evening trek across the Savana to Mombo for overnight stay at Usambara lodge or take a transport back to Lushoto for overnight.
Karibu Usambara and experience the beautiful Cultural way of life from ancient time to the later integrated Tanzania Culture!!