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Galapagos of Africa

Pre-tour: Drive to Maweni Lodge in the Usambara Mountains

Embark on an exciting journey to the Usambara Mountains, passing through the scenic Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania. Capture the beauty of natural environments and expansive sisal plantations with short stops for photo opportunities along the way. Indulge in a delicious lunch at a local hotel in Mombo town or a convenient spot en route. The approximately 5-6 hour drive leads to our destination, Maweni Lodge. Upon check-in, take a leisurely stroll around Maweni farm, and if time permits, explore nearby waterfalls. Enjoy a delightful dinner and overnight stay at Maweni Lodge, a picturesque mountain retreat nestled in a park-like garden with stunning mountain footpaths, diverse birdlife, and a tranquil lake.

Day 1: Usambara Mountains Maweni Lodge

Option 1: Explore Kwemongo Peak

After breakfast, embark on a scenic walk from Maweni farm to Kwemongo Peak at 2220 meters, offering breathtaking views of Mombo and Korogwe towns. Delve into the natural wonders of the Montane Forest, encountering vibrant bird species, reptiles, butterflies, and various monkeys. A picnic lunch in the forest enhances the experience. On the return journey, visit nearby villages to learn about traditional farming practices, soil erosion control, and agroforestry. Back at Maweni Lodge, engage in short walks for bird watching or visit the waterfalls. Conclude the day with dinner and an overnight stay.

Option 2: Lushoto Exploration

Alternatively, the group can be driven to Lushoto town for a short walk, providing opportunities to interact with locals during market days. The duration of the walk depends on the group’s interests. Continue walking to Irente Farm via Irente View Point, offering panoramic views of Maasai plains, Lake Jipe, Mazinde town, and the road from Moshi to Dar. At Irente Farm, savor a homemade lunch featuring brown bread, butter, cheese, jams, juice, and fresh produce. After lunch, walk back to Lushoto Town through natural trails in the Montane Forest. Evening coffee or tea at the lodge, with the possibility of short walks for bird watching or to the waterfalls. Dinner and overnight at Maweni Lodge.

Day 2: Usambara Mountains Mazumbai Forest Reserve

Following breakfast, drive to the eastern Usambara Mountains, passing through the Eastern Arc Mountains. Enjoy short stops for photos and explanations of the tea and coffee plantations. Lunch at a convenient spot precedes a 1-2 hour drive to the starting point, Bumbuli Old Germani settlement. Embark on a 3-4 hour walk to Mazumbai via Mbokoi village, showcasing superb views and local encounters. Enter the enchanting rainforest, observing birdlife, black and white Columbus Monkeys, and the natural beauty of Mazumbai’s 320-hectare forest reserve. Learn about old farming practices in the Usambara region before settling in for dinner and an overnight stay at Mazumbai Rest House.

Day 3: Usambara Mountains Mazumbai Forest Reserve

Commence your day with a hearty breakfast, setting the stage for a full-day exploration of Lushoto and the captivating Mazumbai Forest Reserve. Embark on an exhilarating climb to the peak, immersing yourself in the lush surroundings. Following lunch, take a leisurely walk to Mgwashi villages, engaging with the local community. You might even lend a hand in the traditional tea harvesting process, gaining insights into the authentic way of life. With the expansive 320-hectare forest at your disposal, consider delving into a research expedition on tree species, extending into the Villages forest. Conclude your day with an enriching overnight experience at Mazumbai Forest Reserve, accompanied by a delightful dinner. (Picnic lunch provided during the forest tour, Dinner by Mazumbai Rest House)

Day 4: Usambara Mountains Amani Nature Reserve

As the sun rises, embark on a trek from your breakfast spot, descending into the scenic Luengera Valley. Revel in panoramic views over the plain, experiencing the beauty of the landscape during your 3-4 hour descent. Upon reaching the plain, a waiting car will transport you to the Amani Nature Reserve. Recognized as one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, the reserve boasts a wealth of endemic species amid its 3,400 recorded vegetation species, including 650 tree species. Opt for a guided hike to discover the medicinal uses of local plants and encounter the diverse birdlife of East Usambara Forest. Marvel at waterfalls and the Lwrenga Valley, home to a vibrant display of African violets. Extend your experience with a night walk in the forest to immerse yourself in the lively sounds of nature at dusk and dawn. Retire for the night at Amani Rest House, surrounded by the wonders of nature. (Breakfast at Maweni, Picnic Lunch on the way or at Amani)

Day 5: Usambara Mountains to Peponi Beach in Pangani

After a fulfilling breakfast, delve into the Amani Nature Reserve, including a visit to the renowned butterfly farm with its vibrant butterflies. Continue your exploration at Zigi Botanical Garden to learn about the local flora. A car will then transfer you to the picturesque Pangani Beach, a scenic 2-hour drive away. For those up for an additional adventure, a walk to Bombani is an option. Following this, a 1-hour drive to Tanga leads to your lodging at Peponi Beach Resort. Optionally, the group can visit the Galanos Hot Sulphur Springs on the way to Mombasa from Tanga city, a natural wonder with mineral-rich springs. Conclude your day with dinner and breakfast at Peponi Beach Resort, complemented by a picnic lunch on the journey to Tanga.